Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tel-Aviv fashion week with Nona Chalant


For my school project I have been filming a documentary about a fabulous drag queen named Nona Chalant. Me and my partner accompanied Nona Chalant to Tel Aviv fashion week and attended a fashion show by the designers Philip Blau and Helena Blaunstein for the brand Frau Blau
I was wearing: Pull&Bear nirvana t-shirt, Sephora necklace and Steve Madden boots. The jacket and the tights are old pieces I found in my closet.

The show was really good and I particularly liked the hair design of the models that looked so childish and innocent.

Nona Chalant wore an outfit designed by Frau Blau that was given to her especially for the event.
Nona Chalant and the desginer

Nona Chalant gets interviewed for British TV

Friday, December 7, 2012

TravelDairy: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

I have been to paradise... and this is how it looks like!
continuing with the pictures from my summer vacation in Mexico, I looked so tanned back then!!
During my stay in Mexico I was dressed very differently than how I dress back home in my real life (All I wore was Havaians, bright colors, simple jeans), this is because I like to adapt myself to the environment and the place I am. In Mexico everybody dress hippie style, very effortless, and of curse the weather permits you to wear a swuimsuit all day. Even when you go out at night nobody is dressed all fancy with high heels, they wear havaianas and shorts to the club, and so did I. Beside, dressing like you don't use to gives you a feeling of a role-playing, which can be very fun, especial while you are on vacation. I would say my style is an ADAPTIVE STYLE. I can wear all fancy and I can dress like a rocker and I can dress bohemic, the key is to know WHAT TO WEAR TO WHERE. I like all styles, as long as I give it some of my own personal taste and I admit I can't define my style.

הייתי בגן עדן... וככה זה נראה!
ממשיכים עם התמונות מהחופשה שלי במקסיקו, הייתי שם כל כך שזופה!!!
בזמן שטיילתי במקסיקו התלבשתי מאוד שונה מהסגנון לבוש היומיומי שלי בארץ(כל מה שלבשתי זה הוויאנס, צבעים בהירים, ג'ינסים קצרים ופשוטים), הסיבה היא שאני אוהבת להתאים את עצמי לסביבה שלי ולמקום שאני נמצאת בו.
במקסיקו כולם מתלבשים בסגנון היפי זרוק, ללא מאמץ, וכמובן שהמזג האוויר החם גורם לך ללבוש בגד ים כל היום. אפילו כשיוצאים למסיבה בלילה, אף אחד לא מתלבש אלגנט עם עקבים, כולם לובשים שם הוויאנס ומכנסיים קצרים למועדון, וכך גם אני לבשתי הוויאנס למועדון בפעם הראשונה בחיי. לסגנון אדפיטיבי יש הרבה יתרונות, זה נותן לך תחושה של משחק תפקידים, כאילו הפכת להיות בנאדם אחר, וזה ממש כיף, מומלץ לנסות.
את האמת שאם היו מבקשים ממני להגיר את הסגנון לבוש שלי לא הייתי מצליחה להגדיר... אני יכולה להתלבש אלגנט, אני יכולה להתלבש כמו רוקיסטית, אני יכולה להתלבש נשית ואני יכולה להתלבש בסגנון בוהמי, אני אוהבת את הכל, כל עוד אני מוסיפה לזה טאץ' מהטעם האישי שלי.

At a swings bar

Looking at real-leaher bags

Swimsuit: bottom- H&M, top- American Eagel

Mexican leather-bag&bracelets

lulu clips on my hair


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Paris shoe expression: Christian Louboutin the art of the high heel

Christian Louboutin is the French designer behind the world-known red soles, spindly and towering heels. Louboutin's passion for footwear design has begun while he was an intern at the legendary cabaret; he was impressed watching the showgirls managing to dance in high heels while wearing huge headdresses.  Louboutin gained experience by working as a women's shoes designer for fashion houses such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. The designer helped bring stilettos back into fashion in the 90s by designing 5 inches heels and higher. Louboutin's signature red-bottoms high heels were considerate dangerously tall at the time. However, by today's standards it is considered relatively low and his current heels are even taller.  Christian Louboutin shoe line includes wedges, platforms, boots, booties, stilettos and pumps. The quality of the production allows the brand to create high heels that are strong enough to support the body's weight.

(Louboutin's signature red sole, picture by:
Louboutin maintained a high profile on the international fashion scene. He opened a European flagship boutique in London as well as additional stores in such cities as Las Vegas, Paris, Tokyo, and Singapore.
Loubountin's shoes are adored by women around the globe including high-class celebrities.  Christina Aguilera, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham, Madonna and many others have been spotted wearing Louboutin’s shoes.

  Not even a pregnancy can prevent Victoria Beckham from wearing Louboutin stilettos at the royal wedding.
Lady Gaga is already known by her obsession for Louboutin's shoes. Those "Bibi"'s heels are just a little part of her Louboutin's shoe collectoin.

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing Louboutin's shoes on the set of "Sex and the city". Carrie Bardshaw, Sarah's character on the show, is a fashion icon and had a huge influence in the fashion scene of the 90s.  


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