Saturday, November 24, 2012

my vacation in Grand Oasis hotel, Cancun

I just finished writing a fashion article for my school magazine, and it has been really busy lately with school and work. At the middle of this routine I am gonna take a time to show you my last vacation in Mexico, feels so good looking at the pictures and remembering the great time I had!
We were staying in Cancun at the Oasis Grand Hotel and it was the best vacation ever, with great food, amazing restaurants, pool parties, tango classes and much more. everytime I go on vacation I try to stay stylish and invest in my look, put on something nice and colorful on top of the swimsuit. And so this is what I managed to put together...

American Eagel top, Twentyfourseven shorts, H&M headband

Tango class with my friend Ofir

you don't need anthing more than that

our beautiful room

Monday, November 19, 2012

Travel dairy: Bernardsville, NJ

I was visiting Bernardsville, a little lovely city in New Jersey. It seems such a small city, however, by walking in the streets I got to see so many cool botiques and restaurants. I would highly recommend to spend an afternoon there if you ever get to visit New Jesey, it's easy to get there by train.


Monday, November 12, 2012

iphone snap shots in TLV fashion's night out

I attended the first fashion's night out in Tel Aviv last week, I couldn't help it but compare it to the one I attended in NYC. I must say the first attempt in TLV was better than I thought, they hired models and musicians to function as the main attraction and there were mini red carpets everywhere.

here are some snap pictures I took with my iphone

Friday, November 2, 2012

NYC rooftop

this post is dedicated to my very fashionable Mexican friend, Hector. We met last year at FIT in the fashion styling course, kept in contact and met again this year all over again in NY, we adore this city! One special afternoon I met with him for cocktails at one of the most beautiful New York City rooftops and we took a bunch of pictures. I was wearing: Marshalls shirt, H&M camel elegant pants, Forever 21 coat and Michael Kors snikers.


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