Monday, November 12, 2012

iphone snap shots in TLV fashion's night out

I attended the first fashion's night out in Tel Aviv last week, I couldn't help it but compare it to the one I attended in NYC. I must say the first attempt in TLV was better than I thought, they hired models and musicians to function as the main attraction and there were mini red carpets everywhere.

here are some snap pictures I took with my iphone


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Lilbourne said...

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Amanda Chic said...

Yes of course! We can follow each other. You have an amazing blog so i am your new follower ;-)

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OceanWind said...

אהבתי את מה שלבשת, מגניב ולא מתאמץ! לא מאמינה שרק עכשיו גיליתי את הבלוג שלך, אהבתי אותו נורא!

Eliza Pellicone said...

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benny briga said...

חיכיתי המון לפוסט הבא!!מדהים♥♥
מוזמנת לבקר אצלי יש פוסט חדש:)

Nat said...

What a nice experience! thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures :)


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