Monday, November 22, 2010

Zara's fitting room

While I was hunting for shoes I found this boots in Zara and they even were in a good price! so I obviously couldn't live them there. They will be such a perfect addition for my shoes collection. I also bought from Zara a long skirt and a cute leopard print top in gray.

after the shopping trip was over me and my friend sat down for a breakfast and talked about our upcoming freedom. I mean, I have only two months left for my army service and I am so happy to get release soon!!!
In the pictures I'm wearing: Vintage scarf, shirt from H&M and tights that I got as a present from my cousin.

I will finish with some pictures of my new make-up bag which I always carry with me. inside there is my Chanel lipstick, my vintage look-alike mirror and my mini manicure package I got from a friend from London a year ago.


DediLovesFashion said...

love the leo print tights.

Laetitia Chic and Positive said...

Que bonito el pañuelo y los botines. Feliz lunes. Besitos " Chic & Positive "

Gen said...

I think that the leopard print leggins are great.I would like to get a pair like that. xoxo

Unknown said...

Great boots!

cuteeeee pics girl <3

No me mires ♥ said...

Hola preciosa, esos botines son preciosos y te quedan muy bien! los leggins que llevas son preciosos! además me gusta mucho lo que llevas de maquillaje :P

un besito♥

*Telva* said...

ablas español?
que guay!
tienes mucho mucho estilo me enkantas!!!;)

vivalablonda said...

Me encantaron tus leggings esta geniales! Bonitos botines. Show us!

Asi que hace calor por haya (Israel) aqui tambien bueno a veces el clima cambia durante el dia no por dia grrrrrr


Anonymous said...

i love the animal print and the booties!!


Vicki said...

i LOVE your hair!! amazing! Belfast is a lovely city my dear and if you can you should def come visit it and then head around the coast.beautiful scenery and the people are dead friendly :) x

Esther said...

that chanel lipstick for the engraving is so pretty i wouldn't bear to use it if i had bought it! zara makes some of the best long maxi skirts (& of course, everything else :P)

Unknown said...

i have the same boots in black, the price was great :)

nice blog, check out mine

Anonymous said...

I love your hair! :)
so gorgeous...
stop by sometime, xx natalie

Esmeralda said...

Tu profile es impresionante!!
Me encantan los botines y los leggins(tu le llamas tights)
Besos guapa

roberto syrious said...

wow super cute oufti and also ankle boot!!
love it!!!
hope you'll follow me so i'll do the same!! xoxo

Cherry Plum said...

how could it be that I didn't know your blog??? I love it. Yo have new follower.

Nice leopard tights by the way.

Andrés Corella said...

Thanks for the comment on my got a really cute blog...and those boots are hot!!...nice buy...ohh your leggins too (I love animal prints)


Loca por tu Ropa said...

Qué bonito ese color de uñas!

Francesca said...

Wow you are so pretty. Thank you for your comment! I wish I could speak 3 languages.

F. ( xx

zs closet said...

me encanta la primera foto!besos!


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