Thursday, March 24, 2011

Purim 2011

This last weekend we celebrated Purim, a jewish holiday in which we are wearing costumes and partying kind of like halloween. I celebrated by going to two different parties, but I didn't had time to look for a costum, it was really suck, but I was a wearing a ke$ha make-up look in the eyes and a princess tiara, enjoy the pictures!

Street party in Tel Aviv

with my princess crown

my little dog, Chanel, also celebrated

wearing a victoria's secret cortes I picked up 2 years ago in Las Vegas

in a sushi restaurant
that's pretty much all that was going on with me in the last weekend and how I celebrated this holiday, hope you got inspired by the costumes!


Monroe Steele said...

really cool look great

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

Label of Addiction said...

thank you ;) enjoy your weekend!

Katie said...

Great pics! Looks like fun!

Annebeth said...

looks fun!! love your Kesha make up :D

No me mires ♥ said...

Hola guapa! que guapa en las fotos me gusta como te queda la tiara :)


Jason Laucht said...

ure very pretty!


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