Sunday, April 24, 2011

order in my closet

Organizing your closet is always fun because you get to find clothes you have that you totally forgot about. This week I had a day off so I decided to take that opportunity and do something useful with my day- organizing my messed up closet, and I also exploit the situation to put together some outfit I can wear and took some pictures.

השבוע ניצלתי יום אחד בחופש פסח בשביל לסדר את הארון. זה תמיד כיף למצוא בגדים ישנים שכבר שכחת מהם מזמן ולשים אותם בקדמת הארון בתקווה שנלבש אותם יותר.. וגם הרשתי לעצמי להרכיב לעצמי כמה אאוטפיטים ולצלם (:



Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Great post!


michalooshka said...


SC said...

Yèèèèèè, old stuff things feel like 'new'!

x thank you hon for visiting. I think your blog is great too. I'm following!

Star-Light said...

thank you dear..follow me if you like! i follow!

happy easter!

No me mires ♥ said...

Hola guapa! pues sí es necesario ordenar el armario lo bueno es que podemos encontrar cosas que ni nos acordábamos de ellas!


Kasia said...

Organizing the closet can be really time consuming!


Tootsie Jean said...

great job in organizing your closet. I hate doing that. You got lovely pairs of shoes


Lena said...

חחח... גם אני חייבת לעשות את זה!!! אף פעם אין מספיק זמן...


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