Thursday, June 30, 2011

essentials accessories- H&M

I visited H&M store here in Manhattan and found myself buying this fabulous socks, a body scrub, 2 sunglasses, wet wipes to freshen up and a lipstick, great for the summer!



the-caramel-lady said...

thanks for your comment :D
Very nice blog. :)xxx

Francesca R said...

Great picks!!

מרג'ורי מורנינגסטאר said...

טוב הסקראב הזה (איך אומרים בעברית באמת?) נראה פשוט מושלם. קוקוס-ליים. יאמ. בטח בארץ אין.

- ME - Fashion Blog said...

Sure I wanna follow each other!! You have an amzing blog!

vintage process said...

Amazing sunglasses!!

Dewanti Primayani said...

great finds!
thx for ur lovely comment on my blog :)
love ur blog too, maybe you wanna follow each other? just let me know :)

Damn! I ? My Simple Life

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

How cool that you moved to New York! Gotta love H&M ;) xx

Andrea said...

love the sunnies and i NEED to find those wet wipes!!!

love h&m <3


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