Wednesday, January 23, 2013

my shoes crush

Those shoes I absolutely loved, I saw them in Urban Outfitters and I was dying to get them but I knew it was a bit unrealistic for me since I can't actually walk with such a big half platform shoe, I am tall enough and so I never had a chance to walk in really high heels while I was growing up and now I'm just trying to get over it and learn how to walk in heels.


Those amazing Steve-Madden platforms I wore for NYFW. my purple toe nails just happened to be in that color, it wasn't on purpose, but it defenitely fit my shoes.

Those shoes I got in Madrid in Blanco, knits are totally in style right now and the pink pale color was perfect for me.


I got those Tommy Hilfiger flats on my last day in NYC in Macy's and it was such a smart choice. I

wore them every day during the fall and they are so comfortble.


SG said...

התאהבתי בנעליים הכחולות!
אני כל כך מקנאה בך שהיית בשבוע האופנה ..

Gabi K. said...

אחלה פוסט!

You are welcome to eneter mu MAC lipstick giveaway!

Jara Equis said...

Me encantan los zapatos!!!!! Te sigo

Sigueme en

Denisse Scha said...

עשית לי שיא החשק עכשיו לשופינג נעליים קטלניי


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