Saturday, December 7, 2013

Jack Daniel's tshirt

T-Shirt: from Cyprus
Shorts: Vintage
Jacket: H&M


Unknown said...

מהממת!!! שילוב הדפסים מנצח! אחלה טעם יש לך :) וארון בגדים שווה..


Constance Murphy said...

Love that shirt, you look amazing!

Unknown said...

Hi I love your shirt and the shirt, its so underground!!!1 you look so cool!
Lovely post!

Very Big Glasses said...


Unknown said...

וואווו את כזאת מהממת !!! עשית לי חשק מטורף לבגדי קיץ :)

נשיקות, גל

crafty-zone said...

Amazing shorts <3

Denisa said...

Very nice and great shorts.

dominikalicious said...

I also have a shirt like this :D
maybe we will follow each other by GFC and bloglovin? (and facebook if you have )
I have one question : could you enter and click to persunmall link? I will be so so so grateful dear! and if you will do that, please tell me so when in the future you will need help I will help you :)


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