Saturday, May 3, 2014

Oversized Dress

In a windy afternoon we went sailing on a yacht. At first dressing for the occasion was a bit challeging, since the weather was extermely confusing, it was not that hot to wear a swimsuit and a bit windy. However, eventually I decided to wear an oversized dress that I purchased in ASOS just a month before. I admit this look was a bit of an expirement for me since I never wore that dress before, and we I got it I didn't know if it would look good on me. The results were satisfying I would say. I felt chic & comfortable.


Noey Lolita said...

In the sea all days are good, nice pics

The girl with the very big glasses said...

אין כמו לבלות את היום על יאכטה. נראית מקסים.

michelle said...

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