Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I finally got the book I was waiting for!!!

"What shall I wear today?" by FIFI LAPIN is truly recommended! I got it online with a free delivery from my favorite books website Bookdeposity.

I like everything about this book: the writing, the outfits, the advices.
Fifi gives you tips on what you should dress as she's wearing a designer outfits from the catwalks.

take a look on the pictures of the inside and than you will see what I'm talking about;

*I'm sorry for the opposite pictures I just couldn't reverse them.


vicen said...

Hola Hadas, es muy interesante el libro y las ilustraciones son muy bonitas, por otra parte quiero decirte que he incluido una referencia a tu sitio en mi nuevo blog HISTORIA DE LA MODA y que puedes ver en:
Espero que te guste.
Ha sido un placer visitar tu blog.
Un saludo cariñoso desde España.

Anonymous said...

i want it!!!!

kisses :)

Anna said...

Great presentation, I think I should get this book soon.
Thank you for stopping by my blog.

The Higgenbottom said...

so adorable! i love fifi's blog too!

Martha said...

Que chulas las ilustraciónes. muy originales.:)

Carmen said...

The rabbit it's so cute :D I want it!

Kisses said...

איזה ספר מתוק!!
המתנה האולטימטיבית בשבילי :)


Anonymous said...

this looks amazing i want it tooo!!!


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