Thursday, October 28, 2010

elegance is refusal

Blouse: COS
pants and necklace: H&M
bag: vintage


Unknown said...

Nice outfit's!!

Liked :D*

Martha Lozano said...

qué mona!

No me mires ♥ said...

Hola guapaa! simple pero preciosa :)

un besazo♥

Anonymous said...

elegante y muy guapa!!


vivalablonda said...

I think it will be easier for you in english??? or if you prefer we continue in spanish hahahaha no offense just to make it easier ;) you speak very well!

Thanks soo much! I loove your hair! I always said that but it is true... hahahaa

I live in mexico and right now I'm studying fashion styling, what about you???


vivalablonda said...

p.s. you can teach some hebrew ;)

Giulia Ferri said...

so nice :)

Anonymous said...

nice :)
this is the first time i went to your blog, interesting
if you have time, visit me and drop some things :)
it will be very nice if we would be friends in blog :)

vicen said...

Hola Hadas, ¿tu puedes ayudarme a traducir un texto del español al hebreo para mi historia de la moda:

Es en este sitio:
Perdona si molesto, puedes decir en mi mail:
Saludos desde España.

Style With K said...

cute blog!
would you like to follow each other?? = )

Becky said...

one word: gorgeous!=D



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