Tuesday, October 5, 2010

in the streets of Tel Aviv

I am really sorry for my lack of posts and my comments on your blogs. I have an exam at the end of the month and I have been studying really hard. Beside, I have also been busy on planning my 20th birthday which is in two days!!! (;
I promise to do the best I can to find more time to post more, and by the way, I have reached 100 followers lately and I really appreciate all the support and the good feedback I get from you, it's the only thing that keep me forward with this blog. SO BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Shirt/ Camiseta: H&M
Shorts/ Pantalones: COS
Shoes/ Zapatos: Birkenstock
Sunglasses/ Gafas: Chanel
Bag/ Bolso: Amisu


Unknown said...

nice look!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the exam, you keep up the study, it'll all pay off.
Love the sunglasses.

vivalablonda said...

I think that when you see this probably is alreayd your bithday, sooooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY I hope you have an excellent day! and more upcoming years!

love lots!

vicen said...

Hola amiga, bonito look.
Te mando un saludo desde EspaƱa.


Love your pictures!


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