Thursday, December 2, 2010

a trip from the army

As you know, or don't know, I'm serving in the Israeli army(I have only 2 months left to serve), so today we took off the uniform and my commander took us to a fun day in Tel Aviv in which we went to a restaurant for breakfast, traveled in the beautiful street of Tel Aviv and shopped a little bit. I want to share the pictures with you so here they are (;
out breakfast

at the restaurant

at Neve Tzedek neighborhood

my friend Rotem at the market


vintage store

more of the vintage store

vintage clothes at the porch of the store

this delicious food is called Sufgania and it is a doughnut that we(the jewish) eat at our holiday that is called Hanuka which is right now

more of the sufgania

those I took home with me (;

 I was wearing: Zara leopard blouse, Bershka pants and shoes, miss selfridge scarf, H&M sunglasses and vintage bag.


Ale.Sanmed said...

Very nice photos!

Kate said...

Ooo that food in the first photo looks really yummy! And I love your outfit! x

No me mires ♥ said...

Hola guapa, estás encantadora con tus amigas, que guapas :)!

Un besito♥

cathy. said...

Nice photos :)


vivalablonda said...


Que bien que ya nada mas te quedan 2m, yo porfin ya eh dejado de trabajar asi q ahora tendre mas tiempo libre! woo hoo, esos pastelitos se ven deliciosos!

Acabo de hacer un post en el q te mencione por si quieres checarlo ;)


ratua said...

You all looks so stunning! It looks like a fun shopping trip, I'm sure that you're having so much fun with your friends!

A Jungle in my Closet said...

i love your pants!

Fashionstyle said...

I love this style!!

Becky said...

How is it that Israeli food always looks (and probably also tastes) SO DELICIOUS?!=D I need to taste it in real life once^^ Tel Aviv just looks so beautiful =)
You girls just look fabulous x) I like the blouse you're wearing, Hadas =)

Happy belated Hanuka =) Hope you had a nice holiday, after all =)



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