Friday, January 14, 2011

list of things I would like to accomplish this year

2011 is already here! and I allowed myself to make some new resolutions, hopefully I could accomplish everything I want this year.

1. Loose some weight- I have always been a little bit self concious about my body. No matter what my weight is I will always want to be thinner, like most of the girls, I guess. So I have already lost many weight during 2010 but I still think I can loose a little bit more.

2. Find a new modeling agency- I would really like to return to my old habbit when I was 18; modeling. I like being in front of the camera so until college starts I want to work again.

3. Get accepted to college- I'm planing to start my B.A in communication next year, so right now is the time to start studying to pass the exam.

4. Take a fashion course- during the summer many fashion institues around the world offer fashion courses in a big variety of subjects such as: desgining, styling, merchendise, retail, communication, marketing, coolhunting and so much more... one of them is waiting just for me.

5. Travel- who doesn't like to travel? after a tough two years of serving my country in the army I think I deserve some REAL BIG TRIP. I have some plans which I can't reveal yet, I just hope it will come true like I'm planing!

6. Have new relationships- in every period in your life you get to know new people and have new adventures. I am about to enter to a new period of my life and I hope it will come with new changes, adventures and friends.

7. Get a job- the job i'm imagining is not the typical kind of job, it has to be intersting, renewing and it has to make me happy. But of curse, this is just a wish...

8. Buy a desiner bag- Miu Miu, Chanel, Chloe or Prada, I will buy it with the money I will get from the work above (=

9. Learn French or Italian- in our modern sociaty speaking 3 languages isn't enough. My main goal is to learn one more language.

10. Buy a dog- My dream is to have a little dog! I adore them!!!

that's probably all... maybe I forgot a few things but it doesn't really matter.

since it's a FASHION blog I can't leave you without some outfit pictures, so here it comes;
last week me and my boyfriend celebrated our year and a half aniversary and we went to a hotel in Jerusalem from one night. I really like Jerusalem it's kind of reminding me Europ...

so this is what I wore;
Blouse: H&M
Cardigan: Zara
Coat: Pull&Bear (old season)
Earrings: Accessoriez
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Bershka
Bag: New Yorker
Scarf: H&M

more pictures from the holley city, Jerusalem, in my next post (;



Monroe Steele said...

Great list. its good to write them all out and check them off as u accomplish them lol. I have a similar list. Good Luck! Love the leggings too. You are very pretty.

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

Hannah said...

I like your blog, too! :)

Marta Guillén said...

so pretty! I love your outfit! I also want to take care of a lot more this year and lose a little weight. I like pictures <3

CGG said...

xo que guapisima mi niña!!!!! me encantas de morena!!!!

mil besos


you look good in those tights

Unknown said...

Great post!!!

Lovely leggins <33

gabriela said...

thank you very much for your kind comment!
I love this outfit, especially the sweater and these leggins<3
and you don§t have to loose any weight at all!

Unknown said...

woah girl you are certainly model material!

Julia said...

הרבה החלטות, הרבה עבודה!
שיהיה לך המון בהצלחה, בסופו של דבר הכל עניין של רצון!

vivalablonda said...


Ok, cuando te cortaste tu hermoso pelo??? =( Este look te queda muy bien pero esta enamorada de tu hermoso pelo laaaaaargo! Muy buenos propositos para este año, yo tmb quiero aprender un idoma mas... solo q algo raro: holandes jaja lose no muy comun. Mis mejores deseos para este año! x)

Un beso

Lena said...

Great outfit! You look so nice! ;)

Thekla said...

love the leopard tights!you are very pretty:)x check it out if you want follow me i will happily follow back:)xx

Coral Prada said...

Hola Hadas! Muchas gracias por pasar por mi blog!
Me encanta tu estilo y tambien te sigo! Por cierto, prefiero tu pelo ahora y me encanta tu ciudad, he estado una vez y es increible!

Tanvi said...

You have a gorgeous face! Quite Indian looking if I may say that! :)


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