Friday, February 25, 2011

posting really quick

Topshop bag, Dr. Martenes boots, vintage shorts
 I had a fabulous photoshoots today with such a talented photographer, it feels good to be in the modeling industry again. Although, I am in the middle of my studies so I can't really focus on that yet, but it will change soon when I will finish my test. but while I'm dedicating my life to the studies right now I found some time to do a photoshoots and I also did the styling so it was pretty challenging task.
Tommorow I will be working on another project so I'm really exciting. I post this picture from my facebook really quickly because I am not at home and I don't have pictures on that computer. hope I can show you my styling pics very soon! and also to tell you about a lecture about fashion I attended from the Marangoni fashion institute. Have a nice weekend (: xoxo


Vanessa said...

that bag is sooo nice!!

Sara Louise said...

im excited for you !
i havnt commented in ages but i promise im still here !

Charlie said...

I like your look so much, specially the boots and the bag!!

Marina e Camilla said...

Wow, lucky girl *_*
we LOVE your outfit, it's perfect!

Wida said...

You're so lucky!

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