Sunday, February 20, 2011

a walk by the river

I took these session of pictures when I went to have a mani pedi in Tel Aviv the other day, I took my dog, Chanel, with me and we did a little walk by the river. When I went out from the beauty salon I couldn't put my shoes back on because the nails color wasn't dry yet so they gave me this fliflops to wear. it was a lovely day!

my new nails color

I was wearing:
Blouse: Billabong
Pants: Bershka
Earrings: Cala
Necklace: flea market


LITTLE_B_ said...

xo que guapisima que estas mi niña!!!! y que envidia de tiempo, aquí estamos llenos de nieve hasta las orejas!!!

mil besines!!!


Star-Light said...

lovely pics :)

No me mires ♥ said...

Hola guapa! me gusta mucho tus fotos qué guapa y natural :) además paseando a Chanel(L)! Tu esmalte es muy bonito tengo uno muy parecido pero el color es más suave


michelle_ said...

those green nail polish are awesome !
looks sooo good on you !

Veronica said...

Really cute blog! So lovely!
Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
THank you so much!

Lucíe said...

I love the nails color!

your dog is cute1


catwalk criminal said...

Nice pics & cute dog ♥

Tea Joeli said...

Great blog;)

GlamorousGirl said...

love all of these photos :)
nice blog! i'll visit it again :)

come and check out mine on:

For all the shoes said...

Love your nails!


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